NJI Environmental is an Environmentally Focused Water Treatment business. We are corporate distributors for two main products; EndoTherm and EndoSan.


EndoTherm is a water additive used in water-based heating systems that improves heat transfer of the water to make heating systems up to 15% more efficient. This leads to the equivalent in monetary savings. EndoTherm will also improve your carbon footprint as it becomes carbon neutral within 1 day and saves approximately 414 Kg of CO2 in a normal three bedroomed house.


EndoSan is a silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant that offers four potential benefits for businesses:

  1. Its long-life stability makes it extremely effective in the eradication of micro-organisms including
    Pseudomonas, Norovirus, MRSA, Salmonella, Legionella and E-coli amongst many others.
  2. It cleans and sterilises workplaces, homes, food and eating areas to log5 cleanliness (99.999%)
  3. It replaces chlorine as a disinfectant in swimming pools.
  4. A shock treatment of EndoSan can clear pipes with standing water of the potent BioFilm that accumulates in the pipes and is the breeding ground for the potentially lethal micro-organisms.

It is used in food treatment and bottling plants to clean and sterilizes bottles prior to filling. It is also added into the water system of cruise liners and hotels to eliminate bugs and viruses.

EndoSan can be delivered via constant dosing, fogging, surface disinfection or manual dosing. It has safety accreditations world wide and is environmentally safe as it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen.

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